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Hypoallergenic Dog Food: Treats

You've realized the importance of feeding your dog hypoallergenic dog food.
Whether you are making his food from scratch or have trusted in a high quality pet food brand, your dog is now eating food that is focused on nutrition.
But what about treats and snacks? Have you made the switch to feeding hypoallergenic treats? The treats that you feed your pooch should only make up a small portion of his diet.
However, if you are using them for rewards for tricks or potty breaks, you may be giving him more than he actually needs.
This is okay as long as the treat is a high quality, hypoallergenic treat.
Below are examples of treats that you can give your dog.
· Homemade hypoallergenic treats.
Consider making your very own doggy treats.
Many canine owners choose this option so that they can control everything that goes into their pet's diet.
Dog biscuits can easily be made using peanut butter, milk, and potato flakes.
This simple recipe will ensure that what your dog is consuming is fresh.
Veggie bars can be made by substituting cooked veggies for peanut butter.
When making your own hypoallergenic dog treats, avoid using vegetables in the onion family.
This could make your dog very sick.
It will be hard for your dog to digest these foods.
Properly storing the treats is important, too.
· Brand name hypoallergenic treats.
With a push for healthier food products for pets, name brand companies are now offering higher quality treats.
Become familiar with reading the labels on dog treats.
Look for snacks and chews that are fresh and are not packed with preservatives.
· Canned hypoallergenic dog food.
If your dog is familiar with eating only dry dog food products, a nice treat for him could be an occasional can of wet food.
These come in many varieties.
Made mainly of meat products, you can choose different hearty selections for your dog.
Dogs particularly enjoy the lamb or venison flavor of canned hypoallergenic dog food.
· Know what your dog can and cannot eat.
If you have been a dog owner for very long you are probably already aware of the food that can be lethal to your dog.
Hypoallergenic or non-hypoallergenic, there are certain foods that you should absolutely never feed your dog.
These include grapes, raisins, and large amounts of chocolate.
Any of these food products can kill your dog if he consumes too much.
As a general rule, only give your pup food that is made specifically for dogs.
Snacks and table food that are made for human consumption will not be healthy for your pet.
If hypoallergenic dog food is the food of choice for your dog, consider giving him hypoallergenic treats as well.
The nutrition of your dog will depend on the type of dog food and treats that you choose to give him on a daily basis.
Although it may be more expensive, your dog will live a healthier, longer life when you make the decision to go completely hypoallergenic.

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