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Bones Not Strollers at This Baby Shower - Ideas for a Puppy Shower

Just as with any shower for a new bundle of joy, a puppy shower gives the expecting parents the chance to get ready for the new addition to their family.
It's a great way to get together with friends and family to fuss over fun puppy items and give advice and stories about the hazards and rewards of having a new dog.
The shower can be held either before the puppy arrives or after, so that they can be introduced to the circle of pet-lovers in your life.
The usual shower has a 'people only' guest list with the new puppy being the only canine guest.
Choosing not to include other dogs allows for a calmer, more flexible setting for the party.
Invite guests with cute, personal shower announcements.
Use a photo of the puppy, giving their name, age and breed.
Let people know when you're bringing the new puppy home and if you've registered anywhere.
Use paw print balloons as decorations or to mark the house where the shower is being held.
They even come in pink or blue.
Try decorating with inexpensive dog biscuits.
Tie one on to a cute bow or attach them to name cards and place them in a doggie dish for a drawing for door prizes.
Need gift ideas? Collars and crates are items that owners usually like to purchase themselves, but there are plenty of other fun things you can bring to the shower to add to the welcome home.
Choose an interactive toy to help keep the puppy occupied during alone time.
They help reduce separation anxiety and can provide mental stimulation and help fight the boredom that can lead to unwanted behavior.
A scrapbook or photo album can be used to preserve future memories.
Add a leash or pickup bags for housebreaking and walks or treats that are appropriate for puppies.
How about a gift certificate to a training class or a grooming salon? As a memento of the shower, make a favor for your guests to take home to their own dog.
Dip inexpensive dog biscuits into yogurt chips that have been gently melted on the stovetop.
Place on waxed paper to cool.
When dry tie with a bow around the middle.

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