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How to Give Shots to Calves

    • 1). If you are going to vaccinate or give a calf a shot you first have to ba able to handle it. Small calves can be roped and tied. Baby calves can be caught and held. Large calves will need a head gate or squeeze shoot to handle them.

    • 2). When you have them held know what you are giving them and how it is to be injected. Some meds are inner muscular and some are given under skin.

    • 3). To inject in a muscle, choose a muscular area of animal. The neck is the best area cause you do not damage very much giving them an injection here. If you are making an injection under the skin pinch up some skin so you can slip needle in and under skin. Limit the air in your syringe by holding needle in air and tapping syringe. air will come to needle. Squeeze air out. Make injection.

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