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The Best Way to Overcome the Dog"s Flea Allergies

Flea attacks can cause allergies in your dogs.
The allergy can be worse in the next three or five years.
It is actually not the fleas that cause the allergy, but its saliva.
Your dog will show some symptoms, such as excessive scratching, lost hair, skin irritation, swelling and hot spots over the dogs' skin.
When your dog suffers from fleas, their body will be itchy and they will act restlessly.
As they result, they will scratch their body excessively and it may cause the loss of their hair as well as other skin swelling and irritation.
The spot where the fur falls out can be irritated and become red.
It is called as hot spot and can cause terrible sores to your dog.
There are some effective ways to overcome this flea allergy, such as applying prescribed medications to your dogs, washing them regularly with medicated tearless shampoo as well as applying some essential oils made from natural substances, such as lavender and tea tree.
It is highly suggested that you bath your dogs once a week so that the flea will be gone.
You can use an apple cider vinegar diluted in water as an effective repellent to get rid of the fleas.
You also need to do some efforts to clean up the home surrounding.
You can start from your dog's bedding by washing and drying the bed and then cover it with a clean sheet from plastic to control the flea away.
Fleas do not like strong odors, therefore, you can apply some garlic into your dog's diet to keep the fleas away.
You can use some medicines to kill the fleas as well as its eggs and larvae, such as topical treatment, antihistamines, acid oil, steroid and medicated shampoo.
If you want to clean up your home surrounding, there are some good products, which can be applied for both indoor and outdoor use.
You can try these easy to do treatments and see how effective they are.

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