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Will Puppy Crate Training Be Good For My Puppy?

You may be wondering whether puppy crate training is a good idea for your new puppy.
Some people think that putting a puppy into a crate or cage is cruel, after all how would you enjoy being confined in a cage.
It would not be a very pleasant experience for a human being.
But actually puppy crate training can be a very good and humane way to train your puppy.
You see dogs are den animals and they like to have a quiet and private place of their own where they can feel safe and secure.
Have you every noticed how a dog will sometimes go and sit under the table to eat a bone or his favourite chew? When puppies get tired after running around and playing they will often go behind the sofa to curl up and take a nap.
Providing it is done in the right way, crate training can be very beneficial for you and your puppy.
A word of warning: never send your puppy to his crate as a punishment as this will lead to your puppy associating his crate with negative experiences and he will not look upon his crate as his safe haven.
So always make sure your puppy sees his crate as a good place for him to go to feel safe and secure.
You can put a blanket in his crate to make it nice and cozy for him and also add one or two of his toys and a couple of puppy chews.
Once your puppy is crate trained, you can put him in his crate when you have to leave him alone in the house and this will ensure he doesn't cause any damage while he is left unsupervised.
You can also put your puppy in his crate and take him out in the car.
This will make your puppy feel safe and secure, when you have to take him out on a car journey, to the vets for example.
So all in all puppy crate training really can be beneficial as part of your puppy obedience training plan.

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