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The Characteristics of a Saint Bernard Puppy and Dog

A Saint Bernard puppy or dog has to be one of the funnest biggest dogs to own really! The Saint Bernard was originally used to located helpless and freezing travelers that got stranded during snow storms in the Swiss Alps.
The Saint Bernard is believed to have come from Switzerland, and was used to help travelers that got stranded from the harsh passage from Switzerland to Italy.
The most famous Saint Bernard dog to save people was named Barry.
It was reported he saved between 50 to 100 lives.
There is a monument for Barry, and his body lies in the Natural History Museum in Berne.
Bernards have been advertised for years with neck casks, or small barrels, that would contain brandy, for the lost or cold travelers that got stranded, and the brandy would help warm up the lost travelers.
Their have been lots of famous dogs used for the movies and television, and of course everyone remembers the movies Beethoven was in.
These days, St.
Bernard's are not used for snow covered rescues any more.
They are used in competitions pulling carts and pulling weights.
The average size of a Saint Bernard is roughly 125 to 200 pounds, with males being the largest.
Like most big dogs, the Bernard has a life expectancy of about 8 years.
The largest Saint Bernard caught on record, was in the 1981 Guinness Book or World Records, weighing in at 315 pounds! The dogs coat of hair is either short or long.
The short hair is short and soft.
The long hair is longer and a little bit more dense.
Saint Bernard's are going to be drooling, and there is no way around it.
When you see your puppy or dog coming at you, be prepared to get lots of drool on you, it is common in all St.
Bernards! The Saint Bernard is a big fun loving dog.
He or she can be a good guard dog and family dog.
Just their size and bark alone will be enough to scare some people away.
Bernards get along well with other pets and people, as long as they have been trained and socialized.
They seem to love children even more, and will become protective over their human family when they sense something is not right.
For the best enjoyment, you should enroll in some dog obedience classes as soon as you can.
The Saint Bernard is a very very strong dog.
They have very powerful muscles, but still walk around slowly and cautiously, and are part of the mastiff family.
With any large dog, they need to be socialized as puppies, so they do not become hard to handle.
You don't want a 200 pound dog doing crazy things.
You will need to give your dog plenty of exercise, a back yard is nice to have, as Bernard's need plenty of room for exercise, they will do much better in a house with a back yard, than an apartment with no yard.
If your Saint Bernard starts to get bored, they can be very destructive, so make sure your dog has plenty of exercise.
A Saint Bernard will grow at a very fast rate.
For this reason, it is important for you to know how to exercise your dog, and give them a good diet of food.
If the dog does not get proper food and exercise, a very serious deterioration of the bones could start, so check with your vet to see the best program for your Saint Bernard.

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