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Bichon Frise - A Small Dog With A Golden Heart

The name Bichon Frise in French means a curly lap dog and truly, he is a cute and curly dog who loves to spread happiness all around.
While choosing a small dog breed, you can always bring home one as they make popular pets.
They are look somewhat similar to the Maltese but are bigger.
Extremely intelligent, it is a lively and happy-go-lucky dog.
You will really be proud to own one.
Compatibility and Usage: Due to his happy disposition, he makes for a complete family dog.
The Bichon Frise is not a guard dog nor is it a popular show dog.
He loves being indoors but at the same time will love to take a walk outdoors or at a dog park where he will happily make many friends.
Physical Appearance: This dog has a non-shedding white fur coat although different breeds may have different coat color.
They sometime have a cream color coat or even in apricot with shadings around their ears.
But a purebred will have a white color coat.
Their eyes are normally black or brown in color and have an unmistakable halo around the eyes.
Temperament: This is a dog with a happy disposition and can make friends easily even with strangers and hence can't be considered as a good guard dog.
He is also quite sensitive and affectionate.
The most important trait is his cheerful attitude, which is why he is so popular.
They have an overall great temperament, which helps them to socialize with humans and other dogs alike.
Although they have a streak of stubbornness but it is rarely displayed.
Sudden bursts of energetic display is quite common with a Bichon Frise and most of the time you will end up having a laugh especially when they start running after their tail.
They are very good around children and elderly people.
Caring & health: It has a life span of around 12 years and a male dog will have a height of up to 12 inches while a female or a bitch can have a height varying from 9½ to 11½ inches.
They have a non shedding coat and hence need regular grooming.
They are also susceptible to different types of skin allergies and other skin problems, which makes grooming necessary.
If you own a Bichon then you will need to brush his coat several times within a week so that hair tangling can be prevented.
The more frequently you groom him, the puffier his coat will be.
A balanced diet with moderate exercise will do him a lot of good.
One of the most important health risks that it might face is that of pancreatitis, which is more often caused due to eating fatty foods.
Some of the other medical problems that they are susceptible to include skin irritations allergy, cataract (happens with age), senility and vestibular disease.
The last one is a disease of the ear and needs to be taken care of immediately.
Minus the diseases, which are common for almost all breeds, choosing a small breed dog like the Bichon Frise is like bringing home a fur ball of happiness!

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