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Who Else Wants to Discover the Core Elements to Stop Puppy Nipping?

Remember, dog training takes time, practice and consistency on your part.
You can't expect any changes over night.
When ever your puppy attempts to nip or bite you, always yelp or say "ouch, no biting.
" It doesn't matter if your puppy only applies a little bit of pressure, always act as if it really hurt you.
Doing this will teach him that any form of biting is not acceptable.
If your puppy continually nips you, put your puppy down and ignore your puppy for a minute or two.
This way, your dog will learn that biting means all forms of fun and games will end if he doesn't bite.
Your furry friend will associate biting to no attention at all.
A lot of common mistakes people use when trying to train their dog for good behavior is how they don't realize their tone of voice plays a huge factor to getting your message across.
Many pet owners reprimand their dogs with a "No" or "Stop" but with a voice that baby talks or coddles their new puppy.
When you do this, you give your dog mixed messages and the point that biting isn't acceptable is not made.
When addressing your dog's nipping or biting, use a stern and firm voice.
Along with a stern and firm voice, you can incorporate a hand signal showing your displeasure as well.
When telling your puppy "no" also point a finger at your dog as if you're scolding someone.
This way your dog can associate what behavior is not acceptable all with the point of a finger.
It's really important to understand that puppy nipping is such a normal behavior for a puppy.
When dogs are young, they use their mouths to explore the world, just like we do with our hands.
What's most important is how we respond to these kinds of behaviors.
Not addressing the issue only reinforces any bad behavior or habit.
Consistency is really important when it comes to training your new pet to stop nipping.
Your dog will learn what is acceptable if you call him on it every time he does it.
Positive reinforcement is also a very effective way to train your dog to stop nipping.
When you see your dog's mouth on a chew toy, always praise him.
If you see your dog about to bite but then stops, always praise and reward your dog for good behavior.
Your new puppy will learn to associate good behaviors with great experiences and will want to do more of it to get more desired experiences.
That's why positive reinforcement works so well.
It even works with kids too! These are some really crucial elements to keep in mind when you're trying to train your new puppy to not bite or nip.
Consistency, patience and practice is 3 things you should always bear in mind when training an animal.

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