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How to Prevent Dog Hair Mats

    • 1). Watch your dog closely. It’s important to watch your dog so that you can prevent habits that cause hair mats. One of the biggest habits you need to watch out for is rolling. Dogs love to roll in grass. The only problem is that the grass usually contains waste left behind by other animals. When your pet rolls in the waste, their hair will quickly begin to mat. Another habit you should look out for is licking. If your pet is excessively licking their fur, it can cause their hair to mat.

    • 2). Give them a bath. Without a bath, your pet’s fur will become oily and will cause mats to form. To prevent dog hair mats, bathe your pet once a month. Of course, this is assuming you followed Step 1. If your pet gets into things they shouldn’t, you will need to bathe your pet more often.

    • 3). Brush their fur daily. One of the easiest ways to prevent dog hair mats is to simply brush your pet daily. A daily brushing will remove dead fur that would otherwise become matted with other fur. During the shedding season, it’s essential to also use a shedding brush that will help remove a winter coat.

    • 4). Prevent scratching. The occasional scratching isn’t going to cause hair mats, but if your dog is scratching excessively, their hair will quickly become matted. It’s easy to prevent scratching. All you need to do is treat whatever is causing the itching, which is usually fleas or dry skin.

    • 5). Keep your pet trimmed. If your pet has long hair, you may want to keep them trimmed. Trimmed hair is easier to manage and less likely to become matted.

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