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    Prices May Vary

    • There is no standard price for any breed. Some breeds, such as miniature schnauzers, are available at very reasonable prices, while rarer breeds, such as French bulldogs, tend to be on the more expensive side. While there are no prices set in stone, a purebred dog such as a miniature schnauzer, miniature dachshund or shih tzu are usually available for $200 to $300 from a breeder. Breeds such as toy poodles or Yorkshire terriers will run about $500 to $800, while French bulldogs can cost over $1,000. Sporting breeds, such as Labrador retrievers or golden retrievers will run anywhere between $200 up to $1,000 or more from a breeder. Naturally, the price will go up if you get the puppy from a pet store, as the pet store will usually mark up the prices in order to make a profit. Generally speaking, you should be able to get a pet quality purebred dog for $150 to $800, and a show quality for two to three times those prices.


    • Certain breeds are prone to medical conditions that make having puppies difficult. For example, English bulldogs are subject to high degrees of infertility, and that means the breeder is going to charge top dollar for a puppy. Some breeds lack a strong "mothering" instinct, and the breeder will have to hand-feed the puppies until they are weaned, which will also factor into the price of the breed. French bulldogs, which are usually born by Cesarian section, have higher costs than dogs which are born naturally.


    • When a dog reaches champion status, its bloodline becomes highly prized. While some people might not agree with producing more dogs in an already overpopulated area, some individuals want (and are willing to pay) for a prize bloodline. Generally, the offspring of champions tend to have the most desirable elements of the breed and also tend to cost the most.


    • Many dog breeders will sell a normally expensive breed at a reduced price under certain conditions. Sometimes, they'll have a pup that isn't up to their own standards and they'll reduce the price of the dog. Some of these dogs are even from champion bloodlines, but they just don't have the right conformation to warrant a higher price tag. A "show quality" cocker spaniel might run about $800, while a "pet quality" might cost only $300 or $400.


    • Many breeders will cut down the price of a dog that is older. Rather than keeping a dog around that is getting older, they'll bring the price down in hopes of selling it. This eliminates having to continue to feed and provide medical care for the dog. For example, an eight-week-old English bulldog might sell for $1,000, while an eight-month-old English bulldog may be available at half that price.


    • You can get just about any breed at a reasonable price through a breed-specific rescue organization. These animals are usually spayed or neutered. After the organization personnel interview you, you can adopt them for a fraction of what the breed might normally cost.

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