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How to Make your own Dog Harness for $4.25

    • 1). Take webbing and wrap it snug around your dog's chest, add 8 inches and cut with a red hot butter knife by pressing firmly down on your mark until you have burned through it. This will seal the ends as well, to keep it from unraveling.

    • 2). Take webbing and wrap it snug around your dogs neck, now loosen it just enough so it will slip off if struggled against (for his safety). Add 8 inches. Cut on mark.

    • 3

      Sew 8 inches of Velcro to one end of the chest piece. Sew 8 inches on each end of collar.

    • 4
      Chest piece

      Sew buckle on the non Velcro end of chest piece. Wrap chest piece around dog and feed Velcro end through buckle, doubling back and lay it across the webbing snug around the dog. Mark end against the part of webbing that went through the buckle. Sew other part of Velcro on, accordingly.

    • 5
      Shoulder piece

      Take a piece of webbing (shoulder piece) and wrap it around collar and chest piece, on top of the shoulder blades. Shorten it until it is comfortable for the dog (not cutting into his neck by his chest)ends must touch together. Cut. Sew one end so that there is a 1 inch loop, that's for the chest piece.

    • 6
      All together

      Take the other end, match the ends together and sew 2 inches from the end. Slip the D ring in between the loose end and the longest part of the webbing. Sew the very end, sew two strips of Zig-Zag. before the D ring and after the D ring.

    • 7
      Fitted and happy, happy, happy.

      Slip the collar through the biggest loop of the shoulder piece and take the chest piece, pass it through the smallest loop of shoulder piece. Put collar on dog and Velcro closed. Put chest piece on dog, pass end through buckle cinching comfortably but tight. Velcro closed.

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