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Chihuahua Health Issues Every Chi Owner Should Know About

Some chihuahua health concerns come in the form of neurological disorders.
Epilepsy and seizures are common health problems found in this breed.
Fluid building up on the brain (hydrocephalus) can also be a cause for concern.
These things are not the norm, but they are a few possible problems to be aware of.
Chihuahuas are the only breed of dog that are born without a fully developed skull (moleras).
This is not a medical condition.
It's just one of the characteristics that these dogs possess.
Moleras is sometimes confused with hydrocephalus, but moleras is nothing to be too worried about.
It's not fatal.
Your puppy will develop a fully formed skull in about six months.
Until then, it's best to be gentle with your pup.
Picky eating habits can be formed by this breed.
Giving them human food is not a good idea.
Weight can add up pretty fast on these small dogs, when their eating habits are left unchecked.
Overfeeding can lead to obesity and a very fat, unhappy pooch.
It's important not to overfeed, but it's just as important to make sure you're feeding your dog enough.
Regular meals are a must in order to keep them from developing low blood sugar.
You may have noticed that Chihuahuas seem to shiver a lot more than other dogs.
This is, in part, because of their metabolism.
Their metabolisms are much higher than those of bigger dogs.
This causes them to lose heat pretty rapidly.
Other reasons for shivering can be because of stress, excitement or just plain being cold.
Covering them with a blanket or dressing them in a little coat might help to keep them more comfortable.
Teeth care is also something that is very important.
Having a healthy mouth prevents many unwanted things from happening.
Gum disease can lead to loss of teeth.
This makes it more difficult to get the nutrients they need.
Bacteria from rotting food, in between teeth can also be a problem.
These bacteria can travel through the blood stream and end up destroying organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys.
Hard food, biscuits and treats can work wonders in helping to keep the teeth clean.
Brushing with water, or wiping the teeth with a wet cloth can also aid in the health of your dog's teeth.
Eye infections are often seen in Chihuahuas, due to their close proximity to the ground and the dirt that gets kicked up there.
Running through long weeds can also cause pollen to get in the eyes.
Saline solution can be used to rinse the eyes, and a warm washcloth can be used to wipe around the eye area.
It's possible for Chihuahuas to live up to seventeen years, sometimes longer.
If you're interested in chihuahua health, understanding that these guys require, not only food water and shelter, but also a great deal of love and attention will help you to give your little friend the longest, happiest life imaginable.

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