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Dogs Go Bully for Bully Sticks

Dogs love to chew! Chewing relieves stress, cleans teeth, and alleviates boredom.
Unless, of course, your dog chooses to chew on your Manolo Blahniks, in which case there will be quite a good amount of accompanying stress (for you; the dog could care less!).
To that end it is important that we give our dogs appropriate things to chew on.
Appropriate means (a) that it does not fall into the furniture or footwear categories; and (b) that the items we give our dogs to chew on promote good health and are safe for your pet.
Sounds simple, right? After all, there is an entire industry out there devoted solely to things dogs can chew on.
Unfortunately, just because something has made it to the pet store shelf does not ensure its safety.
Take Greenies, for example, the top-selling compressed vegetable chew treats shaped like a toothbrush that made CNN headlines when at least 13 different dogs died.
But how can a chew treat be dangerous? In the case of Greenies, the treats did not break down and became lodged in the dogs' intestines and esophagi.
A great--and safe--alternative to Greenies is Bully Sticks.
Like other chew treats Bully Sticks maintain your dog's teeth and gums while satisfying their desire to chew.
Bully Sticks are 100 percent bull penises, and contain no additives or extra ingredients.
They are smoked for your dog's pleasure, and are odor free for yours! Bully Sticks, which are about five inches in length, come from free-range Brazilian cattle that graze on lush, green fields and drink from crystal clear streams.
The cattle are given no hormones, no antibiotics, and are fed no animal by-products.
Since 1990 Brazil has been declared free from Mad Cow Disease, and the Bully Sticks are inspected at all stages of manufacturing.
Remember, do your research before choosing a chew treat for your dog.
If you are looking for something safe and healthy, that will massage your dog's gums and clean his teeth, give Bully Sticks a try.
Your dog will love them, and you will love the peace of mind that comes from knowing your dog is enjoying a safe product.

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