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How to Recognize and Treat a Dog's Skull Fracture

    • 1). Evaluate your canine for signs of skull fracture. A dog that experiences this condition may tilt his head and lose his coordination. In addition, he may become blind and experience seizures.

    • 2). Transport your dog to the emergency hospital. Keep you dog calm while transporting him to the emergency hospital. Staying calm yourself can help, since dogs pick up on our emotions.

    • 3). Partner with the vet to create a treatment plan. Your dog may need surgery. Pain medication should be given to your dog to keep him comfortable.

    • 4). Reduce your dog’s acitivity. When your canine is recovering, limit his physical activity. Keeping him on a leash during bathroom breaks will cut down on roaming.

    • 5). Encourage your canine to rest. Your dog will need to relax for several weeks after surgery. Move his bed to a quiet corner of your home. Keep other pets and small children away from your dog so he can relax.

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