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Dog Food is Expensive! - Save Money, Make Your Own

If you own a dog then you know how expensive dog food can be.
I know I recently went to the local grocery store to purchase some dog food for my dog and was absolutely stunned at the dramatic price increase.
The price increase was so high that I had to find a different dog food for my dogs other than my normal.
Now I did manage to find a cheaper brand, but it was still over twenty bucks for a forty pound bag.
So that got me to thinking about other ways to feed my dog that will be a lot more cost effective on me.
After I thought about it some I decided to look into making my own dog food.
Now granted making your own dog food can be a little bit more time consuming, but many great recipes are available.
I know from experience that my dogs like the food that I make better than the bag food that I can purchase and even the can food that is available.
Not only that when you make your own dog food you will know what the ingredients are.
That is the other item that I found when I started looking at the bags of dog food.
I found that I was unable to determine what the label meant on some of the ingredients.
Now granted some of the labels are very straight forward, but some of them are so confusing you have to look on the internet to figure out what it means.
Some of the studies that are available would probably shock you.
Finding the dog food recipes to save yourself some money is very easy to do.
I know I purchased a couple of books that actually give the recipe and include information on how you can prep the food to get your dog the proper calorie intake and fat content.
Now if you are breeding your dog or you have a pregnant female they require a different type of food, so you would want to check with your vet or find a book specific to that problem.
Making your own dog food will save you money and you will know what is going into it.
Your dogs will probably love the home made food a lot better as well.
I know that my dogs love the food that I make them and the increase in my weekly grocery bill is hardly noticeable, but my dogs seem to be happier eating the home made food versus the bag food or can dog food.

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