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Pet Safety for Halloween

Halloween is a popular holiday across the U.
and especially in Alexandria where pets can be seen trick or treating up and down King street at local merchants.
It can also be a stressful and even a dangerous holiday for pets.
Awareness and planning will help your pets stay safe.
Share these easy tips with your pet sitting service provider: Keep candy and goodies out of reach.
Keep pets away from candy bowls to avoid accidental ingestion of chocolate, which can be toxic to dogs and cats.
Also beware of candy wrappers, which can be hazardous if swallowed.
Be careful with costumes.
Only dress-up your pet if he is receptive to it.
If he isn't happy, take it off.
Masks can cut off peripheral vision, making a dog or cat nervous.
Even the best behaved dog or cat can get upset when he can't see what's coming from the side.
Inspect the costume and remove any small or dangling pieces that could become a choking hazard.
Make sure candles are out of reach.
Even if you think your pet won't get at the candles, they can be knocked over, and tails & fur can quickly ignite.
Use a safety glowstick or flashlight instead.
Keep pets inside in a safe room of your house.
Keep pets inside in a closed room, or use a gate to contain them so they don't run out when you open the door to trick-or-treaters.
Give your pets toys or treats to keep them occupied.
Better yet, greet trick-or-treaters outside to avoid excessive knocking.
Walking your dog.
Make sure the dog can't back out of his collar.
Your dog may get nervous seeing the unusual costumes.
Put a harness on your dog if you can.
Verify these instructions with your pet sitting service provider if they come during this time.

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