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What"s the Best Dog Breed For Me

Have you ever wondered "what's the best dog breed for me"? If you have, and you follow the advice in this article, then you and your future canine friend will be a match made in heaven.
The first thing you'll want to do is get a book on dog breeds.
Any book with less than 200 breeds should be ignored.
Each breed should have information on the origin, care, health issues, exercise level, train-ability and character traits.
Alternatively, you could start by filling out a dog breed selector quiz online.
These sort of tests will save you time; you can fill in details about your living space, exercise level, free time, experience and much more.
Next you'll receive a list of dog breeds that fit your needs and qualifications.
It's important to note though that a dog breed selector quiz usually doesn't contain a full list of dog breeds.
This is where that book I mentioned earlier comes in handy.
You can do further research on the breeds of your list.
And you can look up similar breeds that the quiz may not have contained.
Another great idea is to take your research .
There are lots of breed specific websites and forums.
Have you narrowed down your list? Then go see a dog show and visit a few reputable breeders.
You'll meet with the different breeds face to face and the breeders know everything there is to know about "their" breed.
Every breed has pros and cons, take these into considerations when deciding which type of dog best fits your lifestyle.

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