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Teaching Your Pit Bull Terrier the "Off" Dog Training Command

In this article, we're going to go over a very basic dog training command known as "Off" or "Down".
If you have a Pit Bull that loves to jump up on company and doesn't know the meaning of "Down", this article is for you.
"Off" or "Down" simply tells your dog"do not touch".
The "Off" command is usually used to command your dog not to jump up on house guests or even yourself.
Everyone has experienced the unruly dog who jumps up and makes a mess of your outfit when you try to pet him.
Situations like this are what you're going to be teaching your dog not to do with the "Off" command.
You may begin this dog behavior training practice by showing your dog a treat and then watching as he jumps up to grab it.
At this point, you'll simply give him the "Off" command in a firm voice.
If your Pit doesn't listen, simply lift one knee towards your chest and he'll comply.
The purpose of this isn't to knee your Pit in the face, you simply want to bump him in the chest and it will drop him back down to all fours.
As soon as your Pit Bull has all fours on the ground again, praise him excitedly.
Doing so will reward him and show him that his actions were appreciated.
Using positive reinforcement for dog training is the most effective means available for teaching your dog right and wrong.
Now, that is the basic way that you'll teach your Pit Bull terrier the "Off" or "Down" command, the key now is repetition.
You need to practice this over and over and over again.
You can begin anticipating his jumping up as well.
If you notice that he's getting ready for liftoff, simply give him the "Off" command.
There is no need to wait...
In time, your Pit Bull will restrain from ever jumping up on others and as you can see, the entire training process is really very simple.

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