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How to Install a Dog Hatch in a Storm Door

    • 1). Tape the template that came with the dog hatch onto the inside of your storm door. If a template was not included, you can use the outside plastic frame in its place. Make sure the taped template is at least 3 inches above the bottom of the storm door.

    • 2). Trace a line around the interior sides of the template. Mark the screw locations and draw a small "x" in each corner, tight to the template.

    • 3). Drill holes in each screw location and each "x" that you marked on the door. Remember to use eye protection, as metal shavings can fly from the drill.

    • 4). Cut around the perimeter line that you traced on the door, using the jigsaw and starting in an "x" drill hole. Use the other three "x" holes to turn the jig as you round the corners.

    • 5). Insert the outer frame from the outside of the storm door, testing it for a tight fit.

    • 6). Fit the inner frame (with dog flap) onto the outer, working with the door open and one hand on either side of the storm door. Check again for snugness, then screw the inner frame to the outer. Don't overtighten the screws.

    • 7). Run a bead of caulk around the outside frame of your new dog hatch to keep moisture out.

    • 8). Sweep and vacuum your work area thoroughly before you let Rover try out his new freedom so he doesn't get a metal shaving caught in his paw.

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