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Dog Training Tips - Biting - Potent Methods to Make Your Dog Stop Biting

Having a tough time to get your dog to stop biting? Welcome to the club.
Dog biting is a totally familiar issue and must be dealt with as promptly as possible especially if your pooch is still a wee pup.
My Labrador, Brylow used to bit me all the time.
His bite wasn't strong enough to actually hurt me, but it was certainly jolting, not to mention irritating.
Now if your dog's biting behavior is pushing you to the verge of sending it to nearest shelter, STOP.
Firstly you need to figure out why your dog is acting this way.
Is there a specific action that is causing your dog to switch to "bite mode", like a hug for instance? Some dogs are not to keen on being hugged and would respond with a bite.
You also need to be able to distinguish if the dog is showing signs of being under stress.
It's widely acknowledged that stress is the main reason dogs' exhibit aggression which leads to frequent nipping and biting.
Typical signs of stress and aggression include frequent growling, barking, excessive grooming, and restless pacing.
If stress is not the underlying cause then it's certainly a standard example of a dominant dog thinking it's the leader of the household.
The following dog training tips for biting should take care of the problem.
Start giving your dog obedience lessons I highly recommend that you train your dog twenty to forty minutes per day.
Those who can't find the time may opt to train in several five to 10 minutes sessions per day.
Get your dog to grasp some of those basic commands such as sit, stay and come.
Demonstrate leadership One of the key dog training tips for biting is to impose rules and restrictions on your dominant dog.
Ensure that the dog perform a command in order to get what he wants e.
he must sit before being fed or he has to respond to your call before getting a treat or a cuddle.
Timing is crucial Learn to correct your dog right before or after the bite.
With a stern voice tell your dog to stop but don't yell or shout at it.
Don't dilly-dally either, as it's useless to make the correction minutes after the deed is done.
Be consistent Set up training and feeding schedule and adhere to them consistently.
Free feeding will only make your dog more dominant and spoilt.
Yelping helps This is the one of the most standard dog training tips for biting.
Immediately yelp out whenever your dog bits you.
This act will definitely deter your dog from biting and it'll likely quit the habit after a while.

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