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Dog Kennel Building Made Easy

Dog kennel building is one of the most simple DIY jobs that you can attempt.
There are many possibilities available in terms of styles and designs, all of which require varying woodworking skills.
This article provides you with a simple outline to constructing a secure, attractive dog house, and leads you to the first step to this great project.
Picking A Construction Material Dog houses can be built from an assortment of materials.
Wood is by far the most popular, and is cheap, safe, and easy to build with.
Of course, you can also use things like sheet metal or brick.
As far as picking a wood species goes, here are a few ideas: 1) Treated pine is generally the favorite for dog kennel building.
Why? It's resistant to rot, and is very water proof.
2) For those of you who prefer to use non-chemically treated lumber, cedar is a great choice.
It contains natural enzymes that prevent your dog house from rotting after becoming wet.
3) For a truly strong and secure kennel, you might ask your local lumber yard about hardwood.
It's generally a lot harder to drill than softer woods, but it will stay intact forever! Deciding On Style As with all DIY projects, it's easy to personalize your dog's house to your own taste.
Most customizations can be added after the completion of the base design.
The 2 most common base designs are: - The traditional "Snoopy" type dog house with angled roofing.
- The duplex dog house, which includes a removable separating wall.
Your dogs can sleep together or apart, depending on how friendly they are to each other!

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