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Labrador Retriever Training - Breed Specific Techniques For Faster and Easier Training

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most sought after pets because of its loving, nature.
These dogs are loyal, intelligent, patient, eager to please, and high-spirited.
They are known for their liveliness and their good nature.
They love to play, especially in water, for they love to swim.
They are famous for being friendly, reliable, and generally of a very pleasant nature.
They have a special affinity for children.
They thrive on the attention you pay them.
It is important for them to feel wanted and welcome.
They consider themselves to be part of the family.
Labrador Retriever training can include police work, search and rescue and become a guide for the blind and the disabled.
As domestic pets, Labrador Retriever training is easy if you start the training early.
You will have to start training them not to pull on the leash as they have very strong necks.
Plus, you will need to give him ample training to obey and lead if you want your Labrador Retriever to learn the rules of your house.
Labs need to be led firmly and decisively.
Unless you can become an effective leader do not even try to give orders to him.
He needs to feel your mastery over him first.
That is why it is advisable to start teaching your Lab while he is still very young.
You can, in fact, compress the entire training period in the first 20 weeks.
He can be taught proper socialization through positive experiences.
That is critical to his future development and stability.
Therefore, it is a good idea to reward your puppy with food treats to reinforce his good behavior.
Always give simple one-word commands and repeat the same word for the job you want him to do.
Don't forget to give him an appreciative pat on the back along with food rewards whenever he behaves according to your expectations.
This is absolutely necessary to help your Lab associate the sound with the act, and then he will immediately repeat the act when he hears the familiar key words.
Never correct him for something he did minutes earlier.
Remember to do that there and then.
Likewise praise him as soon as he does something right.
The Labrador is a bright and eager student, but he will only learn under your guidance.
You can complete your dog's training in just 20 weeks if you go about it properly.
Remember, timing is the key in Labrador Retriever training.
You must catch your puppy in the act to reinforce a correct behavior or correct an undesirable one, and be consistent in your commands and in teaching your pup right from wrong.

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