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Critical Rules For House Breaking a Puppy

Contrary to what you might think, house training your puppy isn't always about training them to go in the same place every time.
Of course, this is part of it, but the lesser known part of the training is teaching your puppy to stay in the same spot for a period of time.
House training, while it may seem like a long process, actually can be quite quick if a few ground rules are followed.
Before you head down that path, you must first get the house ready for training.
You should know that your puppy will not be used to not being able to use your house as a potty, and they will have accidents.
You should set up a safe environment for them so they feel comfortable, yet, be prepared for accidents.
More importantly, be sure to set aside a special place for your dog so they can have somewhere to go when they need a break.
It should be their "special place".
Without this, your chances of an accident greatly increase.
No matter how young your puppy is, you should start housebreaking today.
There is no reason why you can't start reinforcing the fact that there is a place for the puppy to go and a place for it not to go.
Maintain this consistency and you'll find that your training will come along much faster than it would if you didn't start this early.
Don't expect miracles if they are young, however, it takes time for the bladder muscles to mature.

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