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How to Rescue an Italian Greyhound

    • 1). Familiarize yourself with the traits of the Italian Greyhound. If you are new to the breed, find out as much as possible about the dog before you rescue one. Get a good book from the library; discuss the breed with your vet or groomer. Many dogs are sent off to shelters because they are the wrong breed for the family.

    • 2). Contact your veterinarian and other pet care professionals. Let your vet, groomer and kennel owner know that you are attempting to find an Italian Greyhound to rescue. Families that are trying to rehome pets often contact their veterinarian to see if they know of someone who is looking for that type of dog.

    • 3). Foster an Italian Greyhound for an Italian Greyhound Rescue Group. Foster homes provide a safe place for a dog to live until he finds his forever home. Fosters save lives and rescue groups cannot operate without foster homes.

    • 4). Search for an Italian Greyhound in a shelter or rescue near you. There are internet shelter portals such as that allow for searches by breed and location. If you find an Italian Greyhound on the internet, follow the instructions for adoption on the website. Rescue groups will require an application, interview, reference checks and probably a home visit before you will bring your dog home.

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