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Things You Should Not Do To Your Barking Dog Even When At The End Of Your Leash

Dogs can be very dear and you can expect them to repay the good you are giving them when they do their thing.
Also, they would love to connect with you by means of conveying certain messages that you would love to know from them.
But then, their only option aside from dog body language would be barking.
Basically, there are several reasons why they bark but these reasons revolve in the need of something such as the need to warn you of danger, the need for time out, the need to be checked on as they don't feel well.
Even on certain times, they tend to bark unnecessarily and this can always be when they get to annoy you and other people.
There are but many ways in order to deal with such barking scenarios such as training and professional help.
But when all else "fail" some would rather turn to devices and methods which can be very hard on your dog.
Anti-barking collars and devices maybe branded to be humane but in one way or another gives that dose of "torment" to the dog when they bark in form of a short electrifying sensation it lets out after picking up a dog's bark or some rather eerie only-dogs-could-hear sound.
Plus, they do not always seem to work as people who bought the product would say on reviews.
So why risk your dollars? Muzzles are placed on your dog's mouth over to clam them up, especially on those times you don't get to be around.
Surely this silences them.
However, for some really vital purposes your dogs mouth should be kept open for him to eat, drink water, and even to cool himself by during really hot days (like when he breathes with his mouth.
) So, it will only stress him out to be on a muzzle the whole time.
Also, it can turn on some aggressive behaviors which you would not want.
These behaviors would mean more barking as you can't expect your dog to write you a note telling: "Hey boss, I was quite offended when you had that muzzle on me, it was not just shutting me up but starving me and not letting me drink and cool myself the whole time you were not around.
Love, Barker.
Surgery could be by far, the most barbaric thing a dog owner can ever do to his dog.
Debarking surgery does for cutting off a flap or a portion of a tissue in his vocal chords thereby making the bark "silenced" upon recovery.
The bark is not actually gotten rid of but is merely altered.
All in all, doesn't really deal with WHY the dog barks but merely quickest escapes from dealing with a noisy dog and annoyed neighbors.
Aside from food and shelter, love and consideration and a daily dose of patience comprise the basic necessities of housing a dog.
Moreover, each time he barks, be sensitive enough to know what the barking was for in order for you to know how to deal with it.

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