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Looking To Train Your Dog Online - Read Here For Some Free Dog Training Tips

Are you a new dog owner looking to train your new found friend? Here are some interesting training tips to get you started.
There are a couple different options available to you.
Either you can train the pet yourself or look for a qualified obedience instructor.
Dog instructors can differ as far as fees are concerned.
Also another thing to consider is where the classes are located.
If you are the trainer, the whole thing can be done for no money and at your home.
The only trick is this will require a little more time.
I guess you decided to become the trainer.
We will give you free dog training tipsand some knowledge on dog training to begin.
The main three basic commands to start with and build off are - sit, come, and stay.
We will start with the sit command All these tricks require some type of treat.
I like to use cheerios, since they are small and don't affect the dog's weight long term.
Any treat will do.
I recommend to split them up into smaller bites since training takes a little bit.
Please select a "distraction free zone" so the animal will be more attentive.
Instruct the dog to sit while your hold the treat above is head but not too high.
This will make him turn his head up to look at the treat and will be waiting for it.
Some dogs require a little more attention and require you to push gently down on their backside.
As soon as the action is performed, sitting, praise him/her and give them a treat.
Repetion is required and your dog will familiarize "sitting" with getting a reward.
The next "trick" is to teach your animal how to stay.
Teaching the dog how to stay is requires more repetition and can be a litte difficult.
This action is tied into "come" which is the next part of this trick.
Have the animal sit in place or in the same area Make sure you repeat the word "stay" while moving backwards slowly.
This part is especially tricky.
Keep in eye contact and look at the dog in the eyes.
As soon as he rises to follow you, use a firm "no" and start over.
This does require patience I must say.
You can also try have a friend or family member hold him back if he does not "stay" Some dogs will require a tweak or two to the trick.
Here is another way to try the "stay" command.
Start walking away from the dog with your back facing the dog.
Chances are he will rise and follow you.
Instruct him with a firm "no" and repeat the process using the "stay" command When your dog has passed, now move on to the "come" command Start with the "stay" command and call his name in a friendly voice and then hit your knee and you repeat the word "come" As soon as he comes to you, reward him and praise him.
The main focus of this training is to praise the dog and not to punish him.
Animals in general respond to positive reinforcement.
Keep in mind that these three basic commands are a great base to a well behaved animal.
If you follow these free dogtraining tips, you will be the proud and happy owner of a great animal that everybody will praise and love.

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