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Dog Breeding - The Essentials

Puppies are quite expensive nowadays; and this may be one reason why individuals are getting involved in dog breeding.
So should you become a dog breeder? You will not become a millionaire by breeding dogs.
There's a variety of reasons why people become involved in dog breeding.
Some people take it up with the best of intentions, while others are only interested in what they can get out of it for themselves.
Animal shelters are already overcrowded; and you need to continue reading this article if you want to make an informed decision.
To breed your dog you need to have a pedigree spanning at least five generations.
Dogs like this are champions at fieldwork, conformation, and obedience.
You should never consider in-breeding, so you will need to start looking for a suitable stud.
Your dog needs to be in prime condition.
Every dog breed has its own particular AKC standard to follow, and your dog should be able to meet their requirements.
Before you start the breeding process you need to check out the AFC standard for that particular breed.
Dog breeding requires a lot of time, patience, and determination.
It also involves a lot of heavy expenditure.
You will need to spend a lot of time looking for a suitable mate for your dog.
You should feel passionately about what you're doing, and you need to be incredibly patient.
Dogs can be difficult to handle at times, and you will need all your patience in dealing with them.
You should certainly never beat them unnecessarily.
Some dog owners are more suited to setting up poodle salons or kennels rather than breeding.
But if you're absolutely convinced you can make a living from breeding dogs then why not give it a try? How much does it cost? First of all you need to buy a female dog, and that could cost up to $800.
Choose the right breed, and make sure it's a popular one.
When you buy a female dog there will be other costs involved too.
You can also spend in the region of $300 for tests to confirm whether or not your dog is suitable for breeding.
These tests include hip x-rays, eye tests, and thyroid tests.
These tests help your vet to confirm whether or not your dog has cataracts or dysplasia, as well as a whole range of other conditions.
Responsible owners will make it their business to ensure all these tests are carried out to ensure the good health of future puppies.
Unfortunately some female dog owners opt out of these tests by claiming they're unable to pay the fees.
Female dogs should not start breeding until they are at least two years old.
During their early years you will need to spend around $1000 on vitamins, food, and toys.
Stud fees start from $400, and can rise to quite a few hundred dollars more.
Once your female dog is pregnant she will need regular check-ups, and these will cost you another $500 or so.
Now you're aware of the costs involved can you afford to start a career in dog breeding? Don't forget you will also need to buy specialist equipment like hemostats, baby towels, baby scales, suction bulbs, tweezers, and much, much more.
Think carefully about whether or not you can afford to pay all the necessary expenses; and if you can then why not go ahead?

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