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Dog Care - Choosing Your Family Dog

Dogs have always been known to be good pet companions for children.
They are naturally loyal and protective and kids just simply love them.
When choosing a family dog, you have to select the breed that will be a good addition to your family - one who will not pose any danger to children and one who has the right temperament.
If you have a busy lifestyle, you may opt for a dog that requires little grooming.
You may also choose one that can be quite useful to your family as a companion, a guard dog or even a service dog.
Dog obedience is an important factor when choosing the right breed, as you would want to get a dog who can easily be trained.
Here are some of the breeds that are perfect as family dogs: Labradors Labradors or simply called "labs" are one of the most loved dogs in the world because of their good temperament which makes them perfect companions for kids.
They are also perfect as service dogs because they are naturally obedient.
Labs originally came from the Newfoundland dog which were crossbred with St.
John's water dog and were historically used for hunting.
German Shepherds German Shepherds have always been known for their loyalty to their masters.
They can be very protective of their family and are usually playful with little children.
Collies Originally from Scotland, collies were trained to be sheepdogs.
They are naturally affectionate and adorable.
They are friendly with other pets and are usually more intelligent than other breeds.
They are very active and naturally protective, making them perfect family watchdogs.
Beagles These small dogs are just adorable and can be perfect friends for little children.
They don't require a lot of grooming and are usually sociable with other dogs.
These are just a few of the best dogs that are perfect for families, especially those with small children.
When considering the right breed of dog for your family, remember that each breed has its own personality.
It is best to find more information about the different dog breeds before deciding on the one that will suit your family lifestyle.
You can consult a good veterinarian who may also recommend good obedience training for dogs.
Choose a dog who will help create good memories for your children and one who will be a loyal friend to them.

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