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How to Build Dog Pens Off the Ground

    • 1). Lay out your dog pen fencing on the ground, and take exact measurements. Standard dog pens are six by six or six by ten, but you will need an exact measurement in order to build the platform that will keep the pen off the ground.

    • 2). Build your base frame. This will be done strictly with 2 x 4's, screws, and hinges. This frame should be the size of the dog pen, or an inch or two larger. If it is any smaller, the pen will not attach. Simply purchase your 2 x 4's in the sizes you need, six feet and/or ten feet, and attach them together with the drill, hinges, and screws. This should form a base, in the size of a rectangle or square. If you want the pen higher off the ground that the width of the 2 x 4's, you may consider building a second frame and attach it to the top of the first one.

    • 3). Fasten plywood around the edges of the frame to give it extra support, and a more finished appearance.

    • 4). Cover the top of the platform frame with plywood, attaching with your drill and screws. Cut the plywood to fit. This will be the bottom of the dog pen, so be sure you find a solid and thicker plywood to use for this.

    • 5). Attach each side of the dog pen fencing to the edges of your platform with your drill, screws, and hinges. You should attach the fencing securely, using at least three hinges - one on each end, and one in the middle. For larger or heavier fencing, you may consider 4 attachments.

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