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How To Prevent And Stop Your Dog From Digging Up The Lawn

Dogs can be the very best pets you can have around and also, the most exasperating.
I have a lovely Terrier whose eyes can convey empathy, sadness, or delightful joy.
How they manage to do that, I don't know.
It may be due to their extra-sensory ability.
In this case, they could be your best friends who mourn with you when you are in pain, and "laugh" with you when you are happy.
But sometimes, they can take their toll on your patience.
Imagine just having invested a lot of time, energy, and money on grooming your front yard and backyard lawn only to find your dog digging up everywhere.
What can be more annoying?! When this unlikely but possible event occurs, how do you stop your dog from digging up your precious lawn? To start with, you need to understand the very nature of dogs.
Dogs dig for a reason.
You need to understand what the reason is because you might just end up making your dog unhappy by restraining it.
Usually, dogs dig because of the perceived scent of something possibly buried in the lawn and they want to check what it is; or they may want to hide and protect their food or toys from intruders or other dogs.
This is very common with dogs from an animal shelter.
On the other hand, bringing a dog home the first time, they have a tendency to want to smell everything around them including the lawn and flowerbeds.
They also smell for the presence of another dog.
Dogs may also want to dig up our lawn for lack of anything to do.
They have a tendency to dig when bored.
So, how do you stop your dog from digging up your beautiful and well-tended lawn or yard? 1.
Take your dog on a daily walk or run.
Exercise has a calming effect on the dog and decreases the occasion of digging.
Do a research on their behavior.
You never can tell, you might come up with something revealing.
Usually, the more info you have on a dog, the easier it is to tame them, get them to respond to you and keep them from digging.
No scolding.
Dogs tend to register scolding negatively.
Avoid scolding it.
If it does dig up your lawn, be patient.
Train it not to dig up the yard.
If it fulfills this command once, compensate it with a bone meal or something to make it realize that if it does not dig up the lawn, it will, be compensated 4.
Finally, engaging the dog in an exercise training while maintaining yourself as the leader will enable it listen to you quicker and obey your commands.

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