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Include The Family Dog In Your New Year"s Healthier Lifestyle Resolution

Who has not made a New Year's Resolution or two (or three) this year about eating healthier, exercising more often and just getting thinner and in better physical condition? The good news is that some people will take their resolutions seriously and actually work their new fitness plan into their daily lifestyle.
Did you consider this year that there is another family member that could also benefit from a healthier, more active lifestyle? That other family member is your dog.
Chances are that the family pooch shares about the same activity level as the leader of the pack, and that would be you despite what the children in the household may think of their own importance.
As you plan to implement your own healthy lifestyle resolutions, especially the one about more exercise, why not include the family dog into your plans in so far as you can? Walking is great exercise for humans and for canines.
Depending on where you live, outdoor jaunts may not be practical every day of the year, but take advantage of good weather conditions whenever you can.
If you stay warm and dry and start your walking program slowly then the both of you can ease your way into a healthy daily activity that both of you will enjoy and look forward to.
When you start feeling better you want to start looking better too.
Winter temperatures outdoors and dry heat indoors can dry your hair and skin to the point of itchy discomfort.
There are plenty of moisturizing soaps and hair products for you to use but you have to be more careful what you use on your dog.
People shampoos and soaps will strip even more oils from your dog's coat, increasing his discomfort.
Your dog is better off if you bathe him in warm water with no shampoo or soap than by using people products on him.
Did you schedule your regular medical checkup before starting your lifestyle transformation? Good for you if you did, but what about the dog? He is going to be joining you in all this new activity so get him to the veterinarian for a checkup.
Be sure the vet checks his footpads if you plan on spending lots of time outdoors.
Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and so is a good diet.
Don't just think about fats and calories but get more knowledgeable about the variety of wholesome foods that provide complete nutritional value for both you and your dog.

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